2016 Conference Award Winners

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Gamma State ~ Oklahoma
Updated: May 2016

Gamma State Service Award:
  • Diann Henson, Beta Lambda

Annie Awards:

  • Just For Fun: Gamma Delta
  • State International Projects: Alpha Iota
  • Education Issues: Omicron
  • Community: Beta Beta
  • Overall Annie Award: Beta Beta

Chapter Excellence Awards: [Red/Gold]

  • Red Chapters
    • Alpha
    • Xi
    • Omicron

  • Gold Chapters
    • Beta Beta
    • Beta Xi
    • Beta Nu

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Chapter Newsletter Awards:

East Winners:

  • 1st Place: Nu, Nu News
  • 2nd Place: Alpha, Alpha Bits`
  • 3rd Place: Beta Lambda, Beta Lambda Bulletin
West Winners:
  • 1st Place: Beta Beta, Beta Beta Buzz
  • 2nd Place: Beta Xi, Beta Xi Briefs
  • 3rd Place: Beta Nu, Beta Newz

Creative Women of Oklahoma  Award:

  • Children category:
    Toby by Stacy A. Nyikos, Bixby

  • Young Adult category:
     Aunt Dens by Mary M. Coley, Tulsa

  • Illustrator category:
    Extraordinary Jane by Hannah E. Harrison,

Essay Award:

7th Grade:
  • Morgan Stone, Beta Iota
  • Annabella Flowers, Beta Beta
8th Grade:
  • Marlo Hunt, Theta
  • Hannah Hurtz, Beta Beta

Gamma State Scholarship Award:
  • Helen Olander Scholarship for $1000 to 
    Kimberly Phillips, Epsilon
  • Beulah Elliot Clinton Memorial Scholarship 
    for $1000 to 
    Elayne Bowman, Beta Nu

40 and 45 Year Member Recognition:

  • Carolyn McElroy, Omicron - 45 years
  • Linda Floyd, Beta Lambda - 40 years
  • Julia Wilhite, Beta Beta - 40 years
  • Billye Mae Sayer, Beta Nu - 40 years