Elayne Bowman


     Elayne Bowman has received The Catherine Nutterville Scholarship from The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. The honor Society for women educators promotes excellence in education and personal and professional growth of women educators, leading in the field of graduate scholarships given to members and emphasizing leadership development for its more than 85,000 members in 18 countries. A member of the Society’s Beta Nu Chapter in Oklahoma, Bowman is attending the University of Oklahoma, where she is majoring in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum in Math.  

   Dr. Joye Sterrett of Arizona, International Scholarship Committee Chairman, announced the recipients following the committee’s recent meeting at Society Headquarters in Austin, Texas. “We granted 13 Scholarships of $10,000 each for the 2014-2015 academic year,” Sterrett said.

     Recipients must have earned a Bachelor’s Degree, be enrolled in a recognized graduate program and have been a Society member for at least three years to qualify for scholarship consideration. Since its scholarship program began in 1940, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International has given 1073 women educators $4 million in scholarships.

     In addition to the international scholarships, many state organizations and local chapters have scholarship funds to assist members pursuing graduate study. In 2013 all three levels of the Society provided approximately $608,102.38 in scholarships for members.

     The honor organization of key women educators was formed in Austin, Texas, on May 11, 1929, by Dr. Annie Webb Blanton from a nucleus of 12 founders representing all levels of education, kindergarten through university, from various parts of Texas. Professor of rural education at the University of Texas, Dr. Blanton was elected president of the Texas State Teachers' Association in 1916, the first woman to hold the office.  Blanton was also the first woman to serve Texas as State Superintendent of Public Instruction, having been elected to that post in 1918.  

Elayne Bowman Biography

     I am a third generation native Oklahoman and also a third generation Oklahoma mathematics teacher, completing my 25th year in the classroom this spring. My parents and maternal grandparents set the framework for my life as not only an educator, but also as a life-long pursuer of education. I earned my bachelor’s degree in secondary mathematics in 1976 from Oklahoma Christian and taught for 6 years before taking time off to rear my 3 sons. In 1994 I returned to the classroom, teaching a full load for the mathematics department at OU for one semester and at OSU-OKC for the second semester. After that one year of teaching college students, I returned to full-time public school teaching middle school mathematics in Mustang Public Schools.

      Teaching at OU stirred my zeal for learning again.  In 1996 I returned to OU to earn my master’s degree in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum in Mathematics, while continuing to teach full-time in Mustang. I completed my master’s at OU in 1998 with a thesis focused on mentoring new mathematics teachers. Following my degree, I continued to teach full-time at Mustang, moving from the middle school up to the high school, but also lectured at OU during the evenings and summers through 2009. During that time I was honored to teach the mathematics courses through the mathematics department for the elementary education majors.

     Teaching elementary education majors stirred my zeal once more and refocused my lifetime goals. After helping my own sons earn their college degrees, once again I returned to pursue more education for myself. My doctorate will help me to realize those goals by focusing on mathematics coaching to go along side mentoring new mathematics teachers. Following the attainment of my degree, I plan to freelance as a mathematics consultant and also to return to the college campus to teach mathematics to elementary education majors. This special group of students touches children daily and gives them their first experience with formal mathematics. By spending time with the elementary teachers before they enter the classroom, I have a chance to improve the mathematical knowledge of children for generations to come.

     During my first semester of my doctorate program, I was privileged to have my first article published in an Oklahoma education journal – The Limelighter, published by Gamma State, the Oklahoma Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. As a leader in mathematics education, I have presented workshops at the local, state, regional, and national levels for mathematics teacher organizations. I am hoping to present at the June 2014 annual meeting of the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics on “Taking the Bite out of Teaching Quadratics”. I continue to mentor new mathematics teachers and last spring won the Delta Kappa Gamma award for mentoring in Oklahoma.