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June  2015


Oklahoma DKG Chapter Presidents!  This will be my last P2P newsletter to you!  Thank you for all you have done and accomplished this year.  Come to State Convention and Celebrate your achievements!

                           Weave Us Together:  Connect and Celebrate!    We will be honoring chapters, chapter presidents, and individual members.  So register now and “connect and celebrate” with us in Oklahoma City on June 11, 12, 13 for Gamma State Convention.  We will be at the Embassy Hotel and Suites on Meridian Street in Oklahoma City.    

State Convention will start on Thursday, June 11 (registration begins at 1pm), all day Friday, June 12 (with a formal evening banquet), and Saturday morning, June 13, with the Ceremony of Life.  Afterwards, our incoming and outgoing state leadership teams will meet.


Bring your scrapbook page  (one side for 2013-2014, the other side for 2014-2015 school years). It will be added to the scrapbook by Debby Yarborough, Psi Chapter,  State Scrapbook Chairman.


Also remember to bring your basket (or a chapter $ donation) from your chapter for the silent auction, which benefits the Essay, Scholarship, US Forum, Leadership Management, and Creative Women Committees.


The Limelighter has been published on-line.  It has the info about the State Convention, a copy of the registration form, Convention-at-a-Glance,  and amendments which will be voted upon at our Convention Executive Board meeting and General Sessions.  This information is also on the Gamma State Oklahoma   website.

2015 State  Leadership Seminar  will be held the first weekend in October 2015…  Oct 2-4  at the Catholic Pastoral Center,  7501 Northwest Expressway, between Rockwell and Council.  Please announce this at meetings and put it on your calendar.  Encourage members to register as soon as possible.

                  Use your DKG sock at every meeting, to collect funds and “Sock It Away” for a chapter  

                  member(s) to attend.  The $100 fee covers all the costs for the room, food, speakers, and
 *We are proposing a new name:  The Tebow-Herrington Leadership Seminar, to                         honor Nelda Tebow and Beth Herrington, both past State presidents, who were instrumental in                   establishing our leadership seminars and presenting at them.   We will vote on this at 



                  NEWS FLASH!!

                   Some of you asked at State Conference if you could purchase more DKG with Rose window                      decals that I gave as table favors.  The answer is YES!!!  For $2 each plus shipping of $5, I                        can send them to you.  Just let me know how many your chapter wants and send me a check.                    I will get them in the mail as soon as I can!)                                 


Old Reminders: 

Every member is asked to have an email address on file with Society Headquarters, if possible.  Contact  or with your chapter’s list. 

I have not received the Hold Harmless form from seven chapters.  It needs to be downloaded, copied, signed by the chapter president and chapter secretary, and sent to me by snail-mail.    [Pam Harding, 29431 Prairie Bell Road, Bokoshe, OK 74930]     I still need forms from the following chapters:   Epsilon, Omega, Beta Gamma, Beta Iota, Beta Mu, and Gamma Gamma.  (as of 3/01/2015).

For the chapters that have submitted this signed form, I have sent to you a copy of the verification letter, which was sent to me from International Headquarters.  Please file it with your chapter minutes. 

Form 6 – ALWAYS Report the Death of a Member as soon as possible.  Include an obituary and as much information as possible; send to Judy Barnes, including an address where a condolence card from the state can be sent. This Form must be sent to the appropriate officers: (1) Membership Services at International Headquarters (2) State Membership – Judy Barnes   (3) State Treasurer - Diane Laase    and make a copy for your files.  

The DKG Bulletin and DKG News are available online.  Go to 

As a result of one of the amendments passed at International Convention, DKG will publish a new collegial magazine, which all members will receive in addition to the News and the Bulletin (which will be published three times annually online only.)   The new magazine will be printed two times a year and focus on practical teaching tips, chapter program ideas, personal reflections from our members, and is an additional benefit of membership.  Members are encouraged to submit items and articles.

The Limelighter, our fabulous state newsletter, is published online 4 times a year – Please send chapter news / pictures / congratulations of a member / death of a member to our state editor, Beth Schieber at     

Be thinking about recommending one of your members for the Chapter Service Award, for work done at the chapter level, which will be awarded at 2016 State Conference. The form is on our website.   

Please direct your members to check out the following DKG sites throughout the year:

On the Web:        Gamma State –     

                                    The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International–

On Facebook:   Gamma State -

                                    Group Name – Delta Kappa Gamma – Gamma State (Oklahoma)

                                    Delta Kappa Gamma -

                                    Group Name – Delta Kappa Gamma Society International


Both our Gamma State website  and International Headquarters website  are a wealth of information and program ideas. 

Yours in DKG,

Pam Harding, Gamma State President 2013-2015, Beta Lambda Chapter

85 Years and Beyond: Advancing Women Educators For Life  

Dr. Lyn Schmid,  Int’l President’s Theme

Serving Education – Honoring Tradition    
Gamma State’s Vision Statement

Weave Us Together    
Pam Harding, Gamma State President’s Theme  

Contact Information:

Pam Harding
29431 Prairie Bell Road
Bokoshe, OK 74930


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