President's Newsletter

Updated: February 2016 

President’s Newsletter – February 2016

“United We Move Forward”

Thank you to those who completed and sent me the Chapter President’s Report (Form 54). If you haven’t done so, there is still some time. I really need to hear from all so I can complete my form for International.

Don’t forget – almost all deadlines for awards, etc. have changed. I’ve sent you the dates and they’re on the website. Please check.

I hope all of you are encouraging your members to attend our State Conference in Ardmore. The Executive Board Meeting is Friday, April 22 and the actual Conference is Saturday, April 23. Please check our Gamma State website for information and registration.

Come early to Conference. Here are some things to do:

On the way to Ardmore

  • I-35 exit 55 – Bedre’ Chocolate Factory – just off the interstate on west side

  • I-35 exit 55 – Chickasaw National Recreation Area – 640 acres – including Travertine Nature Center - Sulphur

  • I-35 – exit 55 – Chickasaw Cultural Center – 867 Charles Cooper Memorial Rd. Sulphur

  • I-35 exit 51 – Arbuckle Mountains and Turner Falls Park

In Ardmore

  • Main St. – turn of the century downtown with boutiques, antique shops and restaurants

  • Greater Southwest Historical Museum – 35 Sunset Dr. – exhibits from 1500’s to Pioneer Settlement; farm tools of America

  • Military Museum – 35 Sunset Dr. – history from American Revolution to Operation Enduring Freedom; uniforms representing all 7 uniformed services

  • Charles B. Goddard Center for Visual and Performing Arts – 401 1st Ave SW – Sculpture Garden

  • Gold Mountain Casino – 1410 Sam Noble Pkwy

  • Lake Murray – Tucker Tower Nature Center – educational exhibits – east side of lake