The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Gamma State ~ Oklahoma

Gamma State Forms:
Visit each State Committees' Page
for specific Gamma State Information and printable Award Forms. 

Gamma State Business Forms;
  • Award Applications - Dropbox

  • ByLaws and Standing Rules Documents - View in Dropbox
    or at the bottom of this page
  • Chapter Presidents: 2016 - 2018

  • Nomination Form for State Officer or
    Committee Member and Rubric 
    HERE in Dropbox or 
    Below attachment
  • Officer/State Committee Directory
    Here in Dropbox or below attachment)

  • State Officer and Committee Chairman Claim Form 
    Send one copy of your completed Claim Form with your receipts to the State President.  The State Treasurer will
    send you a copy of your claim form with your check.
    (Below attachment)

  • Strategic Plan View Here

  • Treasurer's Files: Filing 990N - New Update

  • Website Permission Form  View

  • Submit electronically HERE.

International Forms:
Visit the International website at
for specific Society forms.  

DKG NEXT! Application Form

To access the forms, you will need your username [member
number] and the password given to you by your state president, chapter president or webmaster. Once you have signed in, you
can manage your profile and change your password to one that
you would prefer.

New Chapter Officer Form 110:  Here

Printable Forms:  
Download File for ALL Gamma State forms.            

Gamma State Award Applications HERE.

Email the webmaster at if having difficulty downloading any forms.
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Kathy Davis,
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