Projects: International

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Gamma State ~ Oklahoma

Schools for Africa

Learn how your chapter can help provide a better
education for students in Africa.

Chapters that collect money throughout the school year for "Schools for Africa" should send a check directly to:
U.S. Fund for UNICEF
Attn:  NGO Dept.
125 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038. 

Amount donated should be reported to our EEC contact person, Sandra Pendergraft.

$    5    can provide ten children with a pencil and exercise book

$  10    can provide a learner kit for 1 student in Mozambique
            and Mali which contains a bag, stationery, mini atlas,
            and math tables

$  60    can provide a School-in-bag with individual school
            supplies for 40 students and 1 teacher

$100    can provide 100 children with a sketch pad and crayons

$250    can provide a School-in-a-Box

SEE Project:  
Supporting Early-career Educators

Let’s Polish the Apple by Supporting 
Early Career-Educators

What can your chapter do to help Early-Career Educators have a success year and career?  

Gamma State supports the International Mentoring Program, SEE, and we hope each chapter will take time to get involved.

As a chapter, keep track of the hours your members volunteer helping Early Career teachers.  Report the total number of hours and/or money used to support this program to the Educational Excellence Committee.  See the below attachments for assistance.