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The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Gamma State ~ Oklahoma


Diane Laase
Gamma State Treasurer

State Officers and Committee Chairman:
 Send one copy of your completed Claim Form with your receipts to the State President.  The State Treasurer will send you a copy of your claim form with your check.
  • Filing your chapter's IRS Form. -  Filing 990N - New Update

  • Money Matters:  How do your dues impact the Society.
View Here.
  • Finance Committee Guidelines in Printable Forms.

Visit the Gamma State Finance Committee Page.

Gamma State Printable Forms: Bottom of Page

Visit the International Website for important Chapter Treasurer Forms and Resources.

  • Dues and Fees - Report of Dues and Fees (Form 18)

  • Membership Forms: 
    • Members Dropped - Report of Members Dropped (Form 18A)
    • Initiate Card and Instruction - Form 81
    • Reinstatement Form and Instruction - Form 83
    • Death of Member - Form 6
    • Chapter Dues and Fees (Form 20)
    • Dues Reminder - Single (Form 123)
    • Dues Reminder - 3 up (Form 123)

  • Annual Report of Chapter Treasurers - Form 15
    Annual Report of Chapter Treasurer (Form 15)
    Mail to State Treasurer by July 15 each year!

  • Change of Treasurer and/or Treasurer's Address -
    Change of Treasurer (Form 87)

  • Contribution Form - Form 43:
    Follow the directions on the form.  Send contributions to International funds to International in Austin, TX.  Send contributions to Gamma State funds to Diane Laase.

  • Online Contributions:  
    If you wish to donate to an International fund using a credit card, use this link.

  • Change of Address

  • Official DKG Jewelry & Order Form

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