World Fellowships

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Gamma State ~ Oklahoma

Linda Kaye Green, Chairman

Committee Members:
Sharon Teague, Beta Xi
Oweita Calvert, Gamma Delta
Cynthia Adair, Beta Nu
Ora Fitzgerald, Xi

Have your information on your chapter's participation to the World Fellowships Chairman by April 1.  
Originally begun in 1946, World Fellowships is an International program designed to aid women financially, who are not Delta Kappa Gamma members, to study in the United States or Canada and further their education.  

Each chapter can get involved in this worthy project by using the suggestions provided in "Fun Ways to Contribute to World Fellowships" located in the Printable Forms below or by creating an idea that is suitable for their individual chapter. 

Fun Ways to Contribute to World Fellowships:  View Here

2016 Conference Winners
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